People are quite unique.  That’s why we believe the best approach to getting the most out of your team is to recognise their strengths and support their development needs.

Using our proven 4-stage methodology ©, we help you to focus your investment where it is needed, ultimately leading to improvements in productivity, efficiency and motivation of your people.

Assessment is best for:

  • Supporting selection decisions
  • Identifying potential
  • Highlighting strengths and opportunities for development
  • Fast tracking employees. eg. supporting high potential or diverse potential schemes
  • Building confidence

How it works:

The individual will be required to undertake a series of bespoke activities, designed with your role and organisation in mind.  From this we provide a profile of how well they fit the role, outlining areas where they excel and identifying opportunities for future development.

Our events range from large-scale Assessment Centres, to small bespoke projects for both recruitment and development purposes.  We can supply all required resource including trained assessors and corporate role players.

Our team can access a range of 360 feedback and psychometric profiling tools to provide further insights into ability and personality, including role-specific such as leadership or sales.  As we are independent, we can research the marketplace and recommend the most suitable tool for your needs.  Our team are qualified in some of the market-leading tests, such as OPQ, Talent Q, 16PF, Watson Glaser, DiSC.

The benefits to you:

  • More informed selection decisions
  • Saves you money, ensuring your training budget is spent wisely
  • Accelerates learning by focusing on key requirements
  • Identifies “blind spots”, allowing these to be utilised for development
  • Improves levels of self-awareness to drive behavioural change
  • Transparent and robust procedures which reflect positively on your organisation
  • Often returns wider benefits for the business, such as improved communication and working relationships